I was looking at adding a rigged iOS print solution (Twitter / KKBaSS: Need to #Airprint enable ...) using iPrint. However the iPrint printers show up as ipp://iprint.longdomainname.tld/printername which is way too long to show up on the iPhone screen (havent had a chance to test iPad). I tried to rename the printer on windows 7 via the print management mmc but it says "the selected printer cannot be renamed. this operation is not supported.". I suppose I could just add all the printers to this machine manually for a usable name, but that routes iPrint & then I'd have to change all the settings to every printer instead of using iPrint profiles, etc, etc. So that said, is there some way to shorten the presentation name (at least just for this computer) without mucking up iPrint printers already installed on all the other XP/7 machines?

On top of this, wasn't there supposed to be a mobile printing solution for iPrint by now?