Hello all: I frequently bounce back and forth between my admin and normal user GroupWise accounts. While logged onto my workstation under my admin account (and no it is not admin) I can proxy over to my standard account to read mail. The problem is sometimes I want to look at archives from my proxy-ed account but that does not appear to be possible.

OK, so I can't do the proxy to archive, so I now try to log out of GW completely and relogin as my standard user account - which works fine. Now I should be able to access my archived mail, but I fail again. This time it is because I am logged into my workstation as my admin account but logged into GW as my standard account, and my archive location is in a mapped drive based on the user logged into the workstation.

So, from the above failures, the only way I can access my standard user account GW archives is to log into the workstation as that user. In this way the archives are on the drive mapped to my user name. My question is: is there a way to setup GW archives to I can access another proxy-ed users archives????

I hope the above makes some sense. Chris.