Hi there,

we have got a problem in the task view. We all have GMT+1 as timezone. If we add now a task and set it to all day, the task will be saved in the database up to the end date at 23:59. The standard task view (gwt) now displays the end date with the users timezone. So we get displayed the next day as end date which is clearly wrong. If I set the timezone from one user to GMT+0 this users get the right day in the task view.

If I modify the task.jsp to disable the gwt view, the date is displayed correctly.

So is there a switch to get this working in the gwt view?

The next problem is in the gwt view if we change the end date directly in the table (all day event) the day always gets subtracted by 1 everytime i click ok regardless which timezone the user has.

Greetings Tim