ZCM10.3.4 Agent in the WIN2003 Terminal Server with DLU. Log in to the eDir only.

After each LOGIN of the user in a terminal server - the NEW subdirectory with subdirectories in c:\windows\temp is created.
After user logout - the subdirectory automatically isn't deleted.!!

For example:
User U2 log in to the Win2003TermServer.
And in TEMP this subdirectory to with subdirectories and files was created:
C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\634856288875156250\GroupPolicy\Use r\Scripts\scripts.ini
C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\634856288875156250\GroupPolicy\Use r\Scripts\Logon\setenv09.cmd
C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\634856288875156250\GroupPolicy\Use r\Scripts\Logon\setenv.cmd

User U2 logout , but subdirectories weren't removed !

If User U@ Login again - will be created new subfolder:
C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\634856288875157251\...... with subfolders...

As result - in the c:\windows\temp too many folders and files....
I ask - why these subdirectories automatically aren't deleted?