Hi all,

we are using for a long time now the integration of Mac OS with edirectory with automatic home mount.

Now we are trying to setup the same installation for Mac OS X.8 and the login suceeds but it lasts for about 2 minutes and that is far too long.

I did try to analyze the problem by doing a ldap trace but the searches seemed quite the same:

11:29:20 5F211480 LDAP: Search request:
base: scope:0 dereference:0 sizelimit:1 timelimit:15 attrsonly:0
filter: (objectClass=*)
attribute: supportedSASLMechanisms
attribute: defaultNamingContext
attribute: namingContexts
attribute: schemaNamingContext

instead of

Search request:
scope:0 dereference:0 sizelimit:0 timelimit:5 attrsonly:0
filter: (objectclass=*)
attribute: supportedSASLMechanisms
attribute: namingContexts
attribute: dnsHostName
attribute: krbName

the searches for the user and some searches for "admin" and "root".

Somebody tried this already and has a hint for me where to look?

Oh, the mappings did differ a bit, we did put some of the mapped attributes into "user" instead of something like "standard attributes" on the lab mac we used for our tests.


University of Hamburg, RRZ