Since today we've got a problem with our imaging solution.
We've made in the past a Windows 7 Base image, a sysprep add-on image and for the different hardware models driver add-on images.
Everything worked fine till today. We've received new hardware (HP Z420) with a SSD. Zenworks is able to restore all the images, but when the pc restarts Windows is stopping with a blue screen (error 0x0000007B). I assume that the problem is that Windows 7 won't recognize the Solid State Disk. When I change the Sata settings in the BIOS to emulate IDE it will work, but I won't want to emulate. In the past with Windows XP imaging I know that it was possible to add mass-storage drivers to the sysprep.inf. But I don't know if this is possible for Windows 7 and how to do this.

Does anyone know a solution?