We have a customer that has been upgraded from NW6.5 GW6.5 -> OES11 GW2012SP1. The migration went pretty smooth until we discovered that excel 97 no longer works with DMS in GW2012.

After testing a few options we found that Novell OpenOffice 3.2.1 was a relatively quick drop in replacement that, A) would still integrate with DMS when choosing to save new docs in the application, and B) open, modify and save the existing excel docs after changing the default application to Calc for the xls and xlsx file types in Win Explorer.

OK so far, so good, but some excel docs when trying to save them and exit Calc won't return to the library, we get a GroupWise Error (8e14) Unable to return document to the library, followed by the library name and document number and version. Now I can't find anything on the 8e14 error anywhere, not even the list of error codes has 8e prefixed codes. I can still see the document on the PC, it is in .....\My Documents\Groupwise, if we try to reset the document status it still says it can't be returned to the library with the same error code.

But other documents work fine, and Calc itself has no issues opening, modifying and saving the document. So what is GroupWise doing and barfing on when trying to simply get a file and stick it back in the library?