I've got ZCM11.2 with a single user source linked to eDirectory that has a dynamic user group set up ( in eDirectory that's it, not ZCM ). I'd like to distribute a bundle for members of this group. When I check the group ( via user source ) in ZCM console I get to see all the right members including my test user. When I check that user I can see him being the member of that group. I have the bundle associated with the group but when I check inherited bundles for the user there's nothing listed. Needless to say no bundles are deliverd for the user.

When I add that user to a non-dynamic group in the same user source ( eDirectory ) everything works fine. I have checked the setting in ZCM configuration and it is set to process dynamic groups. I have also waited for over 24 hours just in case. I believe dynamic groups in user source are supported and should work, is that correct ?