WIN2003 Server (without AD ) with ZCM10.3.4 .

1. Log in to the WIN 2003server in terminal mode as Administrator ( without Log In in to the ZCM. login only to the WIN2003 Server)
2. gpedit.msc
3. Local Computer Policy
4. Windows Settings
5. Security Settings
6. Local Policies
7. User Rights Assignment
8 Log on as a batch job

And ADD user: Administrator. ( this is at 08:00:00 )

At this time( 16:56:00) login again as Administrator.
Go to the "Log on as a batch job" - AND CAN NOT SEE "Administrator" !!!!

In this server only one Administrator - myself....

All other users - login in to the Terminal -mode as "Power Users" (via DLU )

Please, Help me !!