GW8.0.2 HP3 on SLES 11 SP1

I have 9 post offices. Each POA has 4 scheduled events that includes a daily user database check. We do not expire any messages but have mailbox size limits set. We leave it up to the user to manage their own mailbox size. One post office is for our retirees. We have a problem with this one as the mailbox sizes constantly grow. I decided to create a POA scheduled event, for just this PO, to expire messages that are older than 180 days. This new event was only enabled on the one POA. Well, it did run, but it ran for all the POAs. So, this morning I come in and all the post offices have been expired. I looked at the scheduled event for the user database check and it's Expire/Reduce option had been changed to match the one I created for single POA.

What a mess. Anyway, is this normal behavior? It seems wierd that I can't create a new single event, and assign it to one POA, without it affecting all the others.