Hi over a long time!
So far still working actively with 10.3.3! =) I know, ... out of support. Yesterday, finally, have a new SLES 11 SP1 (for VMware) where I can install and start using ZCM 11.2.x. What a wonderful day! =) So far not installed, though. But question ahead is ... in 10.3.3 (on LAN) I was and am using for desktops handled by ZCM static IP's. As some things will be taken out of my hands, including addressing etc., I see there is a different policy -- desktop(s) will get IP, but this address is kept for this device only for 14 days, if during this time period device is not showing up this IP is released. So I understand. Could this be a problem for ZCM when device(s) IP's is changed (name, sure, will be same). Of course, 14 days not showing up ... in my area this means device is retired, but ... you'll never know. In summer time ... could be some devices not showing up 14 and more days. I think probably this is not a problem for ZCM, but better is to re-check on this before I'll add devices to new zone on ZCM 11.
More thanks, Alar.