We have been running along for a year with ZCM 11.1 and have been stable, without many issues. Now that things have settled down we are starting to look at updating to 11.2.1.

I have some questions that I'm hoping the forum can answer or provide some insight on.

1. We still have a bunch of Windows XP/7 clients with ZCM 10.3 agent. Will they still have basic functionality with 11.2?

2. We are running the Embedded Sybase DB on an external server. We have ~2000 clients. Any major performance increases if we were to move to MS SQL or Oracle?

3. Any other comments/suggestions/gotchas?

We have 2 primary servers (SLES 10) and 1 Satellite (2008 R2) and Sybase embedded running on a SLES 11 server.
~2000 clients. If we add Macs; grows to ~2300.