We just experienced the scenario described in TID 7006914 "cannot receive new updates because System Update entitlement has expired". We employed the workaround by re-submitting the entitlement code successfully. Entitlement State now shows as Active.

In the meantime, booting from CD has begun to result in "Unable to connect to Preboot Server. The Product license might have expired." This boot CD process has always connected properly for us prior to our supposed 'expiration' and nothing has changed except this suppposed expiration.

Could this lack of connectivity remain as part of the System Update entitlement issue? Are Product licensing expiration and System Update entitlement tied to each other? Handled separately? and if so, where is Product Licensing status reflected?

The original fix calls for upgrading to 11.2.1, but we're trying to workaround the Preboot Server issue prior to upgrading. Any help is appreciated.