I have a old client/server software that need a Oracle 9.2 client.

As a test I have created a new snapshot, installed and configured Oracle client and the actual application on Windows XP, second snapshot, did a few changes and built the project.

First I test this on the same build machine - working fine. Then I test the file on a clean Windows XP machine, working fine, started the same test on a clean Windows 7 machine - working fine.

But when I test on a standard Windows 7 machine (with Oracle 10g client) it does not work.

The big question is how to isolate Oracle 9 client from other Oracle client resides on the host machine, or have I isolated too much (I created a cmd link within the virtual application and when I try tnsping within the virtual machine I get time out error.

Does anyone have any luck on virtualize Oracle 9 client and run it on machines with other Oracle clients on?