I have Zen for Desktops 7 fully patched. It has been installed several years and the database now contains over 16,000 workstations. We only have 3000 in eDirectory.
I need to run an inventory report for a department to get grant money. I can run the report but I get over 16,000 workstations and I donít have any way to determine the current ones.
Iím looking for an option to get just the currently imported workstations in the report. Iím thinking one of the following options but canít figure out to do any of them. Please help with suggestions and directions:
1. Run the report starting at a certain date
2. Prune the database
3. Point to a new database (create a new one?) and let it build back up
I canít risk the possibility of ďbreakingĒ the rest of ZEN.
I found a utility called NDS Lookup for DB (page 1104 for the ZfD7 dm7admin.pdf) that should be able to prune the database , but I canít get it to work. It says to edit the properties fie and set the location, which I did and then type ďstartser NDSLookupForDBĒ but all it does is start a new Java service: (com.novell.zenworks.desktop.inventory.servercommo n.ZENworksI ####) and switched to the Wake on LAN screen. No file is ever generated in the DIR specified in the properties file.
Iíve tried running it and waiting 24+ hours and tried running it a couple of more times.
Any ideas?