Is there anywhere a overview about the power of Vibe in terms of Workspace and file handling?
How many workspaces and files can Vibe conduct? I think it's really a thing of the used database.
Standard My-SQL can handle less workspaces and files as e.g. Oracle-DB. Are there any information about this?
E.g.: Is it possible to handle with Vibe one million workspace folder (including sub folders) and several million files?
Is there a limitation? And when yes, where?
Natural the hardware is a limitation. Millions of files need a very fast and a big storage...
But there are any information about quantities of workspaces and files?
E.g. again: If I have a four quad core (3,7 GHz) machine with 10 TB of storage an 512 GB of RAM how
many workspaces and files can such Vibe 3.3 machine handle? ... with which kind of DB (My-SQL, Oracel, MS-SQL)?