Hi, I'm trying to figure out why I'm getting a BSOD on some specific actions. So far I only see these problems on Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 x64 running the Novell client 2 SP2 IR4a with the ZENworks DLU (11.2.1 MU2). The first time I got the BSOD was when I was trying to launch an application which resides on a Suse OES server. The BSOD mention the file ncpl.sys. After some checking I found the Support | BSOD / System Crash when accessing Novell volumes page. It says, for a workaround, to disable the file caching in the Novell client. It's already disable on this computer! I'm also getting a BSOD from time to time trying to launch some applications from the same server. Another weird bug I have seen is that when a user try to make his display fonts bigger, let say 150%, in his Windows profile he then get ask to logout to make the changes effective. If he try to login again without rebooting he automatically get a BSOD. But if the same user reboots the computer before trying to login again then everything works great. What can we do to fix these BSOD problems? Do we need to open an SR for this? For the fonts size I'm able to get the MEMORY.DMP from the C:\Windows folder. But for the first problem I can't find any logs.

Thanks in advance for the help!