I have some competition between Windows 2008 R2 and OES at the file system level.

It seems that there is a suite of tools called "File Server Resource Manager" (for free) since Windows 2003.
The tools provide 3 tasks:

1)Quota management
2)File screening management
3)Storage reports management

I know OES/NSS supports the quota but I did not find any option or policy to manage the "File screening management"
This option just blocks the users to copy some files defined inside a policy. For example no way to copy on the W2K8 server any .mp3.
(More info about it: File Server Resource Manager)

I think this task very useful but I did not find the equivalent inside OES/NSS ...
Is it correct or did I miss something ?
Is there any way to provide the same with OES/NSS ?

Tx for your time ...