I had a Certificate Authority problem and I ended up deleting the Object, recreating it, and assigning it to a different server, and going into iMonitor, Novell Certificate Server, Repair... (I did this yesterday). After I rebooted all of the servers it appeared everything was OK, (oh, how many times can I be wrong?)! The data synchronize server (version 1.2.4) appears ok, and when I try to add someone (using ldap) it brings up the directory of users.

I worked with one user, resetting their password, re-initializing their mobile connection in data sync, even deleting him from data sync (both groupwise and mobility), and adding him back in, still no luck. I thought it was only a couple of Blackberry devices but this morning I have gotten an email that a couple iPhones are getting this too! I see other Blackberry and iPhone devices in the data sync screen that have connected

I have some mobile device users that are now getting a prompt for username and password, but even when they put them in, they can't connect. There are other users that are able to connect and they don't get the prompts. I have looked through documentation until my eyes crossed, and I am hoping for help.

Thanks, Stan