I'm hoping this is the right forum for this. It wasn't a agent deployment, and I'm guessing it has to do with a policy. We're pretty much a Windows XP SP3 shop. Quite often, a number of our users are reporting issues when logging in, saying they get a second screen asking for a login. We are only using three policies, DLU, Remote Control, and Zenworks Explorer. No group policies. The DLU policy is associated with our tree (ldap) and to the workstation device folder. It is set for (Use user source credentials and manage existing user account, and member of administrator.) We are using contextless logins also.

We get the Zenworks Configuration Management login screen, saying "A password is required for this realm." Unable to log into the network because hte login creditionals or the server certificate is incorrect. We've had this problem off and on for the three months we've been using Zenworks 11. I just upgraded to SP2 in the last couple of weeks. We're running on Windows 2008 R2, 8 gig of ram, running in VMware ESX. Usually if we just escape out and try to login again, it seems to work. Sometimes a reboot (of server) gets them in. It seems to happen more in the lab settings than anywhere else. Any ideas?