Hi all,

when logging into the ZCC I have started receiving the below message:

The public key certificates for the following servers will soon expire and should be updated before the expiration date.
The certificate for the server "cockpit" will expire in 86 days.

Trouble is, there is no server called "cockpit" - our zone is called "cockpit" and we USED to have a server called cockpit01 (and cockpit02, cockpit03), but no certificate (AFAIK) was ever signed for a server called cockpit. The three "cockpit01/02/03" servers have all been retired/removed from the zone and replaced with a single server (welwzcm01).

In ZCC > Devices > Servers there is no server in the list called cockpit
If I do a search from the Devices page no machine is returned

Does anyone have any idea why this message is coming up?