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Thread: Edit text file action (where file is .JS extension)

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    Edit text file action (where file is .JS extension)


    I have a bundle where I am trying to modify the Firefox preferences file to add a line to it as follows:
    So Action Edit text file.
    Change Name: Change Firefox download location.
    Change Mode: Append lines to File.
    New String: user_pref("browser.download.dir", "H:\\My Documents");

    File Operation: Specify changes to the file.
    Encoding: Autodetect (I wasn't sure whether to change this as file has .JS extension).
    FileName: ${appdata}\Mozilla\Firefox\profiles\default\prefs. js
    Requirements: where the following File Exists ${AppData}\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\Default\prefs. js
    Run Action As User.

    This does seem to edit the relevant file.

    However, when I run Firefox it doesn't recognise the change I made, or ignores it.

    If instead I make the change in
    ${AppData}\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\Default\prefs. js manually first in Notepad, ie add the line
    user_pref("browser.download.dir", "H:\\My Documents");

    Then I choose Action Copy File and copy the file as Logged in User to ${AppData}\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\default\prefs. js.
    Copy Always.
    Firefox does recognise this change.

    However, I don't want to replace any existing prefs.js files as that will overwrite existing user preferences, I want to edit the existing prefs.js and add the line.

    So not sure why the Edit File action isn't working or why Firefox isn't picking up the added change?

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