I have a master bundle which calls 2 bundles
Master bundle: Bundle Change Browser Downloads location calls 2 install bundles
Install Bundle: Change Chrome Downloads location
Install Bundle: Change Firefox Downloads location

1) Change Chrome Downloads location
uses Edit text file action to edit the file
\$\{appdata\}\Chrome\Default\preferences if the file \$\{appdata\}\Chrome\Default\preferences exists.
and adds the line
"default_directory": "H:\\My Documents",
in the section "download":

2) Change Firefox Downloads location
uses Edit text file action to edit the file
${AppData}\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\default\prefs. js if the file ${AppData}\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\default\prefs. js exists
and adds 2 lines:
user_pref("browser.download.dir", "H:\\My Documents");
user_pref("browser.download.folderList", 2);

This works fine manually if ran manually.

I now need the master bundle to run once for each user via force run but each of the sub bundles must run once also for a user if the condition for running it has been met.

So on my master bundle, I have assigned to users and on zenworks login and install immediately after distribution.

If on the install action and options, I choose Install always, this will always run every time for each user which is not what I want.
If I choose Install once per device, it installs once only for the workstation (so for the first user logging into the workstation).
If I choose Install once per user per device, it installs each time that user logs into a different workstation (again not what I want).
Where is the option Install once per user?

I could have 2 seperate bundles instead of a master bundle if that made any difference, although I doubt it will.