Client has a ZCM11sp1 on SLES11sp? server setup (single primary server, external DB server). Initially they said they could not see the server.

I took a quick look and even though there is only one NIC in the VM setup there are 2 seen in yast. So I moved the IP to eth1 to see if that was the NIC setup to talk on the LAN. NOw I can ping it but nothing else works.
Next I edited the 70-persistant_name_net.rules file in /etc/udev/rules.d/, followed a cool solution to a point (was written for sles10),
Cool Solutions: Renaming a NIC
but the renamea netiface was not available. I could not find a similar file.

After a reboot I can get into the web interface and users can login, thought I might be home......

Now they are seeing a "Failed to read from Preboot Server" during imaging, even if the boot from CD and point to the server to grab an image.

My guess is there is a config somewhere that is set wrong. Any help appreciated.