I may well be asking this in the wrong Forum, but I don't have very much experience posting in the novell forums, although I've spent countless hours sifting them for information. So I appologize in advance if I should be asking my question somewhere else.
IMy current situation is a small tree. Two servers running Netware OES 6.5 Sp8, eDir 8.8.5, 65 users
Server 1 - Runs DNS/DHCP and Zenworks 4 and Master copy of Directory (virtualized on VSphere)
Server 2 - Runs Virtual Office, Groupwise, File and Print - (Not virtual)

I have read for hours and hours on migrating from netware to oes2 sp3 and I find myself no closer to a definate game plan now than when I first started.
Am I unable to migrate my ZFD4 into the ZCM and therefore DLU and workstation policies need ot be recreated anyway, so instead of doing a pre-migration oes2 install to replace Server1, just do an install into the tree of OES2sp3 and Run ZCM on it, setup DNS/DHCP on the OES2 box then delete all server 1 objects from the tree? Can ZCM and ZFD4 run in the same tree at the same time. Which one would push out user accounts? Can I practice working with ZCM in my existing tree for awhile?
Would I need to License all 65 user on the Linux server immediately or could I license it for 5 until I am ready to switch entirely over to linux.

Am I able to migrate the Groupwise 6.5 server directly into OES2 w Groupwise 12. I have a seperate hardware for it.

I really wish I knew the best way to do this. I wish there were some cut and dry procedures to move from nsbs 6.5 to the new.