Client is Windows 8.02
Agents are Windows 8.02 HP2

User has an issue proxying into other accounts. When she chooses an account to proxy in to the hourglass appears and GroupWise never comes back under her control. Have to end task or reboot to clear and restart GroupWise.

I've removed and readded the proxy accounts (both the one's into her account and the one's she proxies into). The problem didn't go away on her PC, but if I try proxying into someone's account through her mailbox on another PC then the proxied account comes up fine. So, part of the issue is related to her workstation, but my real question is below...


I find it odd that her name is listed twice under Tools...Options...Security...Notify. The Remove button is not available for either entry.

I also find her name listed once in the File...Proxy... Add/Remove dialog. Her name DOESN'T appear in the list of proxied accounts, only in the Add/Remove Proxy dialog box. The Remove button is not available for this entry.

Any suggestions on how to remove these entries?