Simple bundle
Just a launch action of "Launch executable" and pointed to an excel file on the network. Works fine in windows XP, does not work on Windows 7.

I've tried with/without quotes around the file name. I've tried removing all of the spaces from the file name, still no change. Had novell support on the machine and they couldn't figure it out either and will talk to engineering. Also tried the same launch command from the command prompt or run box and it works fine. Only fails when launched from zen app icon.

"Error launching "Error: (31) "k:\experts\calendar\calendar.xls" Windows Error: Unknown error (0x80041002)

Have tried with UNC path, IP address, all result in the same error. Also tried putting the "calendar.xls" in the Parameters section.. that ended up putting an extra space in there somewhere (like this "k:\experts\calendar\ calendar.xls"). Tried UAC off and dynamic administrator