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Thread: ZFD4 on NSBS6.5 OES Netware to OWS for Sm. Bus. ZCM11

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    ZFD4 on NSBS6.5 OES Netware to OWS for Sm. Bus. ZCM11

    I started posting in the small business forum and was directed her for some specific help on ZCM and I would like to say in advance I appreciate any help I can get. I have been playing with Opensuse and Linux a bit over the last 2 years and I am getting ready to move our Small Business out of NSBS65 to either Linux or Windows (if linux proves to be to hard). I have read much but am no where near having a game plan for this upgrade.

    My current situation is a small tree. Two servers running Netware OES 6.5 Sp8, eDir 8.8.5, 65 users
    Server 1 - Runs DNS/DHCP and Zenworks 4 and Master copy of Directory (virtualized on VSphere)
    Server 2 - Runs Virtual Office, Groupwise, File and Print - (Not virtual)
    My question here is Am I unable to migrate my ZFD4 into the ZCM and therefore DLU and workstation policies need ot be recreated anyway, so instead of doing a pre-migration oes11 install to replace Server1, just do an install into the tree of OES11 and Run ZCM on it, setup DNS/DHCP on the OES11 box then delete all server 1 objects from the tree? Can ZCM and ZFD4 run in the same tree at the same time. Which one would push out user accounts? Can I practice working with ZCM in my existing tree for awhile?

    Again I appreciate any advice
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