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Thread: ZCM-DB - must it be "high available"?

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    ZCM-DB - must it be "high available"?


    more then once we are told "if the ZCM-DB (Oracle in our case) is not available the Clients will fall back to use the cache" and most of the processes will work...

    Today we've made a test for this. The result is not comparable to what we think or told before!

    => Login (to Win7) is not possible when the Database is down (even if the Local DLU User exists on the Win7 system) - ZCM Agent 11.2.1 stays in the process "Anmeldung an der Benutzerquelle wird verarbeitet..." in my words: "Processing Authentification to User Source.."

    => If a User was already logged to the Client - at the time when the DB failure begins - the user is able to Start Bundles from cache, but the user is not able to install bundles which are not already installed...

    This is not what we expected, BUT it seams to be introduced ("it" means the issue "can not log in to the client, if DB is unavailable") with Agent 11.2.x.
    In our test on an old client (with an installed 11.1.x-Agent) the User was able to log in to Windows 7 even if the ZCM-DB was down!

    What we think now is:
    1. We have to do all to make the ZCM-DB "High Available".
    Are there any hints for us to do this? (with our Oracle-DB)

    2. The Client doesn't fall back to use the cache is a bug (?) - will Novell correct this with future versions?

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