We were updating sles11 sp1\OES to sles11 SP2/OES SP1 and during the OES config, updating edit failed. Here is the message i received:
command: /opt/novell/eDirectory/bin/ndsconfig upgrade -c -a 'cn=admin.ou=Administrators.o=TNNDS' -j --config-file /etc/opt/novell/eDirectory/conf/nds.conf
Upgrading novell edirectory server with the following parameters. Please wait...
Tree Name :Teknerds
Server DN :mail.ou=Servers.o=TNNDS
Admin DN :cn=admin.ou=Administrators.o=TNNDS

Config file :/etc/opt/novell/edirectory/conf/nds.conf
Instance Location :/var/opt/novell/edirectory/data
DIB Location :/var/opt/novell/edirectory/data/dib

Checking if server is ready to serve requests...Error -669: Unable to login - Authentication failed
Login failed:Error = -1

The instance at /etc/opt/novell/edirectory/conf/nds.conf is upgraded successfully

ERROR: /opt/novell/edirectory/bin/ndsconfig return value = 59

Clearly, authentication failed. I know the password contained special characters which you can not enter in the OES Config section. So how do i go about updating nds while the password contains special characters?