Hi Everyone.

Pretty new to Novell but I have been searching for a single-sign-on solution that will take Active Directory LDAP credentials and provide them to eDirectory so that a manually executed loginw32.exe will authenticate the user. Also want these credentials provided to ZENWorks.

The scenario is that we have a mandated Windows environment which the users are logging on to initially (different user names and passwords than their eDirectory credentials). Right now, they log in to the windows desktop and then have to manually trigger loginw32.exe in order to gain access to Novell file services. They also have to manually trigger the ZENWorks login so that they can get policies and bundles applied.

I'm looking for a solution that will combine the ZENWorks and Novell Client credentials and authenticate to everything needed using a set of initial active directory credentials.

Is Novell SecureLogin what I am looking for?