Hi Guys,

I would like to have some advice about migrating my primary servers from linux to windows.

Here is the current situation:
- 2x SLES 11 SP1, ZCM 11.0 Primary Servers
- Server1.localdomain.local
- Server2.localdomain.local
- Embedded Sybase on first Primary server.

Target situation:

- 2x Windows 2008R2SP1, ZCM 11.2.x Primary Servers
- Server1.domain.local
- Sql server database on our Full 2008r2 Sql server.

As you see in the example. The dns suffix will change because of the migration. The target servers will be domain members.
I think the migration from sybase to sql is a piece of cake, (read the migration section about that).
But how about the primary servers. I'm curious about the clients that will contact the current servers, how about if i add 2 windows primaries to the existing zone, and later remove the sles machines? (need to migrate the certificate).

Or is it better to setup 2 brand new vm's with 2008r2, install the same version of zcm 11.0 and move the certificate and zenserver backups to that windows machines, and turn off the old sles machines, and then upgrade. Howto be sure that the clients can still connect to new machines with new servernames?.

I hope someone can point me to the right direction.
If i can stage the activities that will be outside production hours that will be nice ofcourse,