Engine: running on Netware 6.5 SP7
NSMAdmin: 2.5.2 running on Windows XP SP3

Problem: NSMAdmin will ask for credentials and never fully login to show events. In the past, I have seen this with SSL cert issues. My certs are fine according to pkidiag.
Steps Already Taken:
- Ran PKIDiag anyway and forced a recreation of certs.
- Unloaded Tomcat and Apache... reloaded and watched the log screens for errors - none reported.
- Loaded Novell Remote Manager for that server and going to "Manager Server" then "IP Address Management" shows all IP services are "valid"/green.
- In a browser I cannot go to engine-ip-address:8009 (IE cannot display the webpage)
- Nor can I "telnet engine-ip-address 8009" which has me thinking SSL is broke, but none of my pkidiag tests seem to indicate this.
- Reinstalled NSMAdmin.msi file for 2.5.2

Any help for me please? Thanks!