Using our current imaging process we include a number of Group Policies on the base image. However, we continue to have instances where some Group Policies do not get applied. In some cases the GP in question is configured in both the local GP and the ZCM delivered GP. This wreaks havoc on some of our web based apps that need specific policies. I did some more looking and found this in the documentation:

If you apply Local Group policies on a managed device that has ZENworks Group policies
already applied, some of the settings might not work correctly.

Does this mean that we shouldn't configure local GPO at all and just rely totally on ZCM? This is a concern because it seems as if when there is ANY problem enforcing the ZCM delivered GP it will roll the device back to the policy in the Original Cache that it creates after the agent is installed. If we don't have any local GPs configured won't this cause the device to go back to an unconfigured state?