I just figured out, that by stopping those two services i can bring
down server utilization from an average of 30% to about 1-2%. While
ndssnmpsa produces a stable utilization of app 10-12% the NRM produces
spikes of 100% usage every 2 minutes for about 15 seconds, which is
more disturbing. The real workload on those servers being mainly
Groupwise and/ or ZCM servers never spikes utilization up to more than
15% only full backups via smdr/tsas can produce quite high loads.

NRM is not really vital to run continously and 99% of the traps
ndssnmpsa produces are absolutely uninteresting - only in very rare
situations they produce useful information you cannot retreive from
other sources.

So who is running those services and who not? And maybe the reason for

This was no question on OES2 SPx as the load, that those services
produced, was absolutely neglectible be it 32bit or 64bit. I suspect
this has to do with the switch from owcimomd to sfcbd.

W. Prindl