We are trying to make a ncpmount (ncpfs-2.2.6-147.27.1) from our new SLES11 SP2 machine to our OES2SP3-Server.
Usually it works properly, but on this new machine we keep getting the following error-message:

ncpmount: Server not found (0x8847) when trying to find <SERVER>
Neither the DNS name nor the IP-address of the OES-server works.
The strange thing is, that we installed exactly the same SLES11 with SP2 with the same ncpfs-RPM as above and the ncpmount works!
The exact command is the following:

/usr/bin/ncpmount tcp -S "SERVER" -U admin -P "PASSWORD" -d 700 -f 700 -N nfs /mnt/"SERVER"

greetings from Austria