I hope this is the right forum, so here goes: We are using Bordermanager
version 3.5 with the Netware Enterprise Web Server version 5.10a on our
proxy server, which is directly connected to the internet on a static ip.
Groupwise webaccess (Groupwise version 5.5) requests are routed to our
email server. My question is, I would like to set up a Sophos anti-virus
Remote Update directory on the proxy server, but the only visible web page
we have is the one that resolves to Groupwise webaccess
(mail.reddotbuildings.com) where the users log in to check their email.
Sophos Remote Update requires that it be set up on a publicly available
web server. Is there a way to do this on the Bordermanager proxy server,
or some third party add-on product to accomplish the same thing?

Thanks in advance