Hello, this is a question for someone from Novell. I have to use the public forum as I don't hear back from Novell in New Zealand or Australia when I ask or request things from sales engineers (or whatever their titles these days are), and don't see a point in wasting customer's SR as this is really not a support request.

So here it is:

Why is the proxydhcp service so inflexible? It would seem that Novell initially wanted to simplify things by hard coding the DHCP option 43 and not providing instructions to customers how to configure this option on their main DHCP server (unlike some other vendors), however personally I find this quite limiting.

When configured on the DHCP server, this option allows a definition of multiple PXE servers, however Novell's proxydhcp service does not provide this flexibility. When you consider that the Novell proxy dhcp server needs to be added in the network switch ip-helper configuration, it would seem that documenting the DHCP option 43 settings with few examples (i.e. one server, two server config) would have allowed the advanced administrators a simpler way of configuring PXE for ZENWORKS imaging.

Anyway, if publishing a TID on a recommended way to use native DHCP service instead of proxy DHCP is too hard, how about enabling a modification of values provided by the DHCP option 43 to PXE clients to include a number of PXE servers? Otherwise, allowing F8 to select the server when there is only one server on the menu makes absolutely no sense at all.