I have been following
Create, Manage, Mount iSCSI Volumes at Boot on SLES 10 SP1 | Novell User Communities
to mount an is so location. I know this doc is a little dated but the only one I could find that is basically what we are trying to do. Our is so location is on a NAS under 2TB's of storage. The sles11 sp2 server is configured as initiator and the setup with hast appears to be fine (I can login and the target is discovered). Frisk -l shows it as /dev/sde only it says it does not contain a valid partition. Now I push forward to see if I can mount at boot by adding the following to /etc/catabolism:
/dev/sde /mnt/iSCSI xfs _netdev 0 0
I reboot the server to see if the folder exists in /etc and I do not see the feet. Is that entry in fstab correct?