I'm starting feel like a real noob now. I've been migrating part of our GW system this week, which normally I have no issues with.

Anyway. I need to re-install the GW Webacc app onto a Linux web server. This is a different server to the Webacc Agent and MTA server as it sits in the DMZ. The server running the MTA and Agent are on the inside lan. The Groupwise folder on the MTA server is accessible via a samba share eg /opt/novell/groupwise can be accessed by \\server\grpwise.

Configuring the Webacc app, the first question is path to the Webacc Agent gateway directory. Obviously this is on another server running OES.

What do I put here?

I've tried \\server\grpwise\domain\wpgate and /opt/novell/groupwise/domain/wpgate and each entry gets the not a valid path to the Webaccess Agent gateway directory.

I've spent ages searching, can some kind soul please put me out of my misery!