OK we are a UK based group with a Groupwise PO sitting on a windows server in New Jersey. No power, no comms and staff cannot get to the site.

We have another New York showroom and users can get in there, but of course all their mail is based on the PO in New Jersey...

Is there any way I can get the server to forward all of their emails to a second email address. Then I can of course setup a secondary email address for these users... it's all a bit messey. I know they can not see the stuff queued up on our UK Server waiting to connect to their PO When its on I guess but I need some way of getting them in and viewing emails from now that are sent to their original email addresses if I just change their email addresses on their existing users and create new users with their correct address with that work or will edirectory just scream as it cannot of course connect to their po to actually change their original email addresses?

Any advice would be appreciated. I'm not a genius but know my way around a bit so any clever good ideas are appreciated.