Hi all,

I am performing some testing on moving iPrint from NW to OES and as a first step we need to run NDPSM with the /DNSNAME= switch. In my tests, it looks like the Mac iPrint clients pretty much instantaneously remap the installed printers to the DNS name after this change, but on Windows iPrint clients the behavior is somewhat different. The printer is re-installed with a DNS name after:
1. the user tries to print to the installed iPrinter
2. the user opens Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Devices and Printers

iPrint client does not seem to re-install the printers after log-out & log-in or restart of the Windows computer. Also I waited several days for the iPrint client "to notice" the change on its own, but it does not seem to do any checking without the user actually initiating it in some way.

Is this expected? I don't seem to find any documented behavior in the guides.