Hi all,

I've restored a Post office structure for a specific user mailbox. The user has now the capability to restore individual e-mails via the restore area. The folder that the user wants to restore items from is a folder that consists of a few hundred tasks. The only tasks that can be restored are tasks that already have been closed. I've found a procedure to restore a task list folder. But the article states that it applies to version 5.2(!). Can anyone point me to a procedure to restore a task list folder for gw client version 8.0.2 (date 8-1-2011)?

Gw 5.2 procedure to restore task list folder:
First, you need to re-create the filter that finds
all your tasks.
 Click ToolsFindAdvanced Find.
 In the first drop-down list, click All Fields 
Item Source OK.
 In the second drop-down list, make sure [ ]
--> is not possible

 In the third drop-down list, make sure the word
Task appears  click OK twice.
Now youíve got the filter ready to go, all you
have to do is re-create the actual Task List
 In the Find Results Window, click File Save
as Folder.
 Type Task List as the name of the folder.
 Click NextFinish.
 Close the GroupWise Find Results window.
At this point, you should see a Task List folder
in your Folder List, but youíre not quite
finished yet. You still need to specify the
properties of your new Task List folder.
 Right-click the new Task List folder in the
Folder List  click Properties.
 Click each tab on the Task Properties dialog
box and verify that the settings on the tab
match the settings in the Properties table

Thanks in advance for any help!

Joost Brenters
CNV, Netherlands