Is there really no way to distinguish between Workstation and Server in the bundle Requirements? In ZEN7, I used an Environment variable called "Zen Managed Workstation" and "Zen Managed Server", but I was really hoping not to have to perpetuate that nonsense. It's not an issue for workstation-associated bundles because we can use folders. But it's a big problem for user-associated bundles.

I found a prior post where Kevin Hurni suggested that the only solution is to do something like this:
Registry key value "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion" "ProductName" = String Type "Windows 7 Professional"

That is really clunky, and because there are no "Contains" or "Does Not Contain" operators in the registry filter, you can't even use Contains Server in that key.

I have submitted an enhancement request for either a Filter called OS Type that can be used to select Workstation vs Server, or to add Contains and Does Not Contain to the operators for Registry Values.

I'm sure hoping I'm missing something obvious or someone has come up with a more elegant way to address the problem.