Hello all,

I've scoured these forums are unable to locate anyone with this similar issue.

We have a particular office that was VLANed last year without issue. Recently we have begun to replace their Windows XP Pro 32bit computers with Win7 X64 computers and the clients cannot (or extremely rarely) map drives via login script. As an additional wrinkle, this issue also appears, though much less sporadically, to manifest on VM's and clients accessing our network via VPN. This issue happens when the client logs in at any time, not just initial login, I am able to navigate to all resources via Windows explorer. The issue appears regardless of login account, ie multiple users on the computer. We are currently using Enterasys hardware for the physical network and VLANing. To be specific on some of the troubleshooting I have done to date:

- If the computers are removed from the VLAN, either physically or logically, the drives map without issue.
- If the computer is replaced within the VLAN with a Windows XP computer, the drives map without issue.
- Have updated to latest Client 2 SP2 IR4a.
- Have 3 working Service location servers defined.
- Have cycled through all 3 making each the primary service locator.
- Have changed the SLP settings in Advanced Settings under Novell Client to SLP Broadcast Only:Off, SLP Maximum Results:65000
- Have changed the First Network Drive setting in Advanced Settings under Novell Client from Automatic to F
- Have changed Provider Order to make Netware Services the first provider in Win7.
- Have made all Networks discoverable in Win7.
- Have defined several different primary servers on Novell Client Login.
- Have updated to latest NIC drivers.
- (In the primary case) Moved the HD from one computer to an entirely new computer.
- Checked under Winlogon in registry and Default Domain is our AD domain.
- Change GPO for concurrent login scripts from Not Configured to Disabled.
- Have changed cable from client computer to wall jack.
- Have changed to different wall jack.
- Have changed ports on network switch.
- Have changed jumper from patch panel to network switch.

Any other information or settings that could be provided to me I would immensely appreciate.

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