Hello. I'm brand new to this forum, so hope I don't break any rules. I did attempt to find a thread that already covers this, but was unsuccessful. Anyway:

The issue is about having multiple attachments in an email and attempting to Save them all at once. If one of the attachments being saved has the same name as a file that already exists in the folder you are saving to, it does not prompt to overwrite - it doesn't overwrite, either - it just adds the suffix _1 (or _2, _3, etc.) to the file name as it saves it. There is no notification that it has done that, so the user is not even aware of it. This is an issue for one of our users in particular, where there are automated jobs that look for specific file names in a folder to process - if the most recent one out there actually has a _1 suffix, it will not get picked up.

Is there a setting in Groupwise that can force the overwrite prompt instead, or at least warn the user about the rename? By the way, saving a single attachment does give the prompt if the file already exists - it's just saving multiple attachments at once.

Thank you!