Hi all, we have recently resolved an issue with Vibe 3.x File Uploads Failing due to JAVA issues and the Fix was the McAfee Host Intruder Protection (HIP) Firewall.

Here's the Symptoms which only began after we updated Java to 7.6

Using the Add Files button in a Vibe Folder and dragging multiple files to the Java window works, but if you attempt a second upload it fails, the Upload window will sit for hours spinning and never upload, you have to close IE and re-login to Vibe before you can again Upload files.

After much searching and help from Novell Support (thank you Hassan Babar) we found that the second upload attempt was being blocked by McAfee HIP.
The Block was Outbound TCP to Port 8080 on our Proxy Server, HIP was preventing commís with the Proxy server, even though it had just successfully uploaded a file via the Proxy server.
We go via our Proxy and NAM to get to Vibe Internally and Externally.

The Solution was to add an Explicit Allow Rule for the Proxy Serverís DNS on all Client devices using the McAfee Enterprise Orchestrator.

Hope this helps someone out sometime.