I have a question about quota preservation. The manual describes the following:
Quota preservation preserves the home folder quota settings for users that are moved. For
example, if a user is moved from the Sales organizational unit to the Marketing organizational
unit, if the users quota allocation for the policy that applies to Sales were higher than the quota
allocation for the policy that applies to Marketing, the quota allocations from the policy
associated with the Sales policy are preserved for the user.
My situation is as follows:
I have an IDM -> AD implementation. In AD, every OU has a group in it. A user can (of course) only be located in 1 OU, but can be member of other groups in different OU's (multiple funtions, but 1 main funtion with corresponding OU where the user wil be placed). Different functions have different homefolder sizes due to software to be used etc. A user should get a homefolder with the biggest size considering all his functions.

Of course i can create a policy for every group with higher weights when the homefolder size setting is higher but i also want to enable the quota manager.

Given the fact that there is only 1 checkbox with 'enable quota manager/quota preservation' :
- does the quota preservation option always preserve the quota, or does it allow folder grow. With that i mean: the user must receive a homefolder with the largest size given the policy settings. What happens if i enable quota manager/quota preservation and a user receives an changed main function which leads to an extra group membership with a larger homefolder than his current homefolder AND a move to the OU of his new function. Will it stick with the old homefolder size or will it be smart enough to choose the biggest value (or, will storage manager evaluate the IDM events in sequence, meaning: first move, the modify group or the other way around).