Hello all,

I have a single ZCM11.2.2 server. Local Sybase default install.

We have many users who are part of an eDirectory group to give them Win7 Admin rights.
It works for most of them, but several do not inherit our Admin DLU policy. This is verified from the server.
2 users in the same group, will show inconsistent results.

More interesting, if I browse to the "broken" user, I see the usual "Object type", "Login name", etc.
But, the "Administrator User Groups" is blank.

For a "Normal" user, the "Administrator User Groups" is never blank.

I have had an SR open since 10/15/12 (I don't want to point fingers, but we are getting desperate: SR#10797781611), but have not heard back on any steps I can try.
The tech hinted that it might be database corruption, and is "waiting for back-line engineers" to help.

Is there anything I can do to test/fix this issue?
My "/var/opt/novell/log/zenworks/loader-messages.log" does not show any scary messages besides "[Settings Module] [Unable to refresh the System Settings on the device.]"