At this point, I'm just logging a problem. I've no real insight into it yet. The problem is that email stops being sent through GWIA. Until 2012 SP1, GWIA would actually crash and I simply had a cron job checking if it had crashed and restarted it. However, since 2012 SP1 has been installed, it is still failing but not always crashing. The process is still running and I can still access the web interface, however, on the web interface the MTP is closed and Queue counts show -1.

The strange thing is that the failures seem to be synchronous. At UCBA (work) we have two GWIA's running on different server. I also run Groupwise on my home servers, totally unrelated to UCBA. Within 24 hours, all three GWIA's have failed. In the last 24 hours, my home GWIA had to be restarted, and since then to two interfaces at UBCA failed over night. One was still running, the other had aborted.

From the logs, this seems to be common,

09:46:49 EF90 MSG 2716513 Processing inbound message: /gwsystem/domain/wpgate/gwia/receive/3ed2a905.412
09:46:49 EF90 Path create failed (8210)

06:26:41 F481 The agent is attempting to reestablish the GroupWise link.

I see no other symptoms on the servers, plenty of available disk space and memory. A simple restart of GWIA will keep it going a few more weeks.
At this stage, I'll be running a cron job to stop and restart GWIA on a regular basis for the work servers. I'll leave my home one to fail to see if I can get a better handle on the problem.

All servers are SLES 10 OES2, latest service packs (up until about Sept 2012), running GW 2012 SP1